With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time we started looking ahead and thinking what we want out of 2018. One of these things is often to get into fitness and a better diet and routine. But, how do we stick to this new year’s resolution and not fall of the waggon? We have a few ideas of how you can get into fitness and keep on track.

Join a fitness group motivate each other

One of the best ways to stay motivated, is to find people with the same goals as you. By starting a fitness group or attending classes, you can socialise with like-minded people. This is beneficial to you staying on track, as you can all motivate and encourage each other.

Studies have shown that social interaction can motivate people to work out, and so eventually modify behaviour. Depending on your fitness goals and what you enjoy, there are a multitude of fitness classes you could join, such as pilates, climbing, running, and boxercise to name a few.

Get a work out pal

Staying on the track of socialising along your fitness journey, why not ask one of your friends to join you in the gym? Or if you have a friend who gyms why not ask to join them? They may be able to give you some advice to help you along your way.

Having a fitness pal is great not only for motivation, but you can rotate sets and spot for each other to make sure you’re not slipping, whilst also keeping each other’s form in check.

Get a fitness tracker

A massive trend of 2017 has been the rise of fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Apple Watch. Unlike most trends this one is a one we would recommend following. Many people can feel like they are making no progress on their fitness journey, but having a fitness tracker can help you to see your progression from day one. Monitoring your progress on such platforms as Fitbit, can be a great way to spur yourself. Trackers can tell you how far you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, and even your sleeping habits, so you can monitor all aspects of your fitness progress.

Set goals with dates

It’s always effective to set a goal for you to aim for, but it’s best to set a goal that has a specific date. We recommend signing up to an event such as a marathon, a fun run, a hike or even a social event that you want to be trim for.

If you set a goal that’s a little out of your comfort zone, such as a marathon, you are much more likely to follow your fitness program, mostly because you know you’re going to need to. So, choose a target event, register for it and pop it on your calendar and devise your fitness strategy to get yourself ready for it!

Try have fun with it

Working out is not meant to be comfortable. If you’re slightly uncomfortable it means you’re doing it right. Effective exercise is all about pushing your limits, so if you’re working hard you will feel somewhat uncomfortable. But remember to smile through it! No pain no gain, and as you progress it will all be worth it. To help with being comfortable our range of fitness clothing can help.

Always make sure when starting a new fitness regime, that the aches and pains of it are just from training and that they don’t turn into a serious injury. To prevent injury be sure to warm up, cool down and stretch before and after each work out.

Finally, keep moving!  Try not to go without a proper exercise for more than three days, as it will make it harder to get back into the swing of it. This is why it’s essential to keep on moving, walk places as much as you can, and if you have a desk job try to get up and have a walk when you can. The hardest part of starting a fitness routine is getting out the door, but once you get started, it can be hard to stop, especially when you start seeing the results.

– Unique Physique