About Us

Unique Physique Clothing strives to supply you with high-performance fitness clothing that makes you feel like you, both inside and out. Our materials and collections are cultivated and curated with the individual in mind, the products of intensive human research, development, and compassion. We believe fitness wear should be transitional and durable; tailored for high-intensity workouts while maintaining enough of the standard casual aesthetics to wear across a range of engagements.

In a world that’s ever changing we can often forget what it means to be ourselves. We can sometimes lose touch with our own energies by constantly chasing someone else’s dreams and forgetting what it means to be you. Unique Physique Clothing was founded in 2015 and at the heart of this fitness wear brand is the desire to reconnect with ourselves and remember the unorthodox qualities that we all harbour that makes us Unique. We are all different, but all the same. Our signature minimalist design is combined with subtle colour palettes to create a brand identity that was born out of an aspiration to create garments that we always craved but could never find; products that were classic yet contemporary, universal yet unique.

Remember, you don’t always need to shout to be heard.

Join us and make your mark.
Discover your Unique.